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1911: Trip to New York City

The Kilties' trip to Madison Square Gardens, New York City, 1911

The Kilties played and were greatly acclaimed when they performed at the Madison Square Gardens Horse Show in New York in 1910. This engagement led to another triumph when they were engaged to play in 1911 at the Iowa State Fair for one week and then to the Minnesota State Fair for another oneweek engagement. George Murray (ex.KILTIE trumpet and french horn player) has a book of which I have taken photo copies of a portion of it. The book was published in 1917 by The Reporter Press from Galt. The title was AE'GLINT ON ITHER DAYS by D.MacGeorge -- he was the boiler-room "superintendent" of the Galt Collegiate Institute. The book is about incidents in the history of the G.C.I. for the past 32 years and also a collection of his recent poems and this is one of them.

The Kilties at New York

Have you heard of the fuss and the furore,
That New York made over our band,
Of the thousands that gathered and greeted
The Kilties the instant they land.

Their fame is constantly spreading,
And constant their are in demand;
So Gotham, the great, had to get it,
The ever-renowned Kiltie Band.

Their music would fire any soul,
And delight the best in the land,
The horses all know when they hear it,
There's none like the Galt Kiltie Band.

You may have heard the Cock o' the North
And also Bonnie Dundee,
By bands that are good and famous, perhaps,
But the Kilties can put them to sea.

No wonder that Galt is proud of the boys,
And right to their shoulders they stand;
They well deserve the fame they have got,
Galt's popular Kiltie Band.

So now since the boys have got home,
After feasting and boosting so grand,
We must give the lads a great banquet,
And that the best in the land.

  • Galt Kiltie Band Newsletter: Issue #3, November 1994, written by Bob Fox
  • Retyped and posted to the web by band member, Graham Nasby, in 1999.
  • Reformated for new website on April 3, 2005.

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